Friday, June 14, 2013


I've kept every perfume bottle I've used since I moved to Milan aka I have a shit ton of perfume bottles saved up and I've grown quite fond of them and by "fond of them" I mean "obsessed with." The hardest thing about moving so far is having to part with them. I didn't mind donating clothes, throwing out books, giving away my sewing machine-but putting my perfume bottles into a plastic bag with the idea of recycling them made me cry.

What will they be turned into? What if they don't like being coke bottles or ash trays? What if they get separated from their loved ones? Who knows if recycling even works in Milan?

It was too much for me to bear so I've decided that instead of recycling my sweet bottles, I'll set them free! 

Every day until I leave Italy I'll put a couple of bottles in a special place in the city where they can start new lives and live happily ever after (two at a time so they don't get separated from their loved ones-it's pretty clear here who's been dating who all these years).

Anyway above is the first couple I liberated this morning, Mr and Mrs Lola, they've been together for over three years. Though their relationship has been challenged by the presence of newer, slimmer Lolas or the sexy young Oh! Lola, their love has always prevailed. 

More perfume liberations to come every day till I leave. 
You're welcome. 


  1. I NEED to find them.

  2. Given the tragic circumstances, I would seriously reconsider your decision to leave Italy if I were you :'(

  3. Given the dramatic circumstances, I would reconsider your decision to leave Italy if I were you :'(

  4. You are a genius