Sunday, July 21, 2013


Life is hard sometimes, like when your boyfriend makes you do annoying things like move to San Francisco and go to Los Angeles and be outside and do stuff IRL with IRL people when all you really want is to feel the warmth of your laptop on your crotch.  

No, I didn't become a celebrity but I did meet Lindsay Lohan and now she won't stop sexting me so I blocked her but then I remembered that she owes me a bunch of money and I need to get a hold of her but I don't know how? 

Anyway I'll be more ~present~ from now on-it just took me a while to find good wifi spots and excuses to avoid fully participating in my relationship :) 

PS: Please make me famous soon this isn't fun anymore. 
PPS: I'm #serious.
PPSS: I'll send you my hair.
PPSSS: No I won't I'm trying to grow it out #sorry
PPPSSS: 8==D~~

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