Friday, October 4, 2013

tuck the pain away

It seems this isn't the only blog I need to take a break from :(
I blame Miley. 


  1. Tea is does not look like you are writing a book. It looks like you are going on vacation and bullshitting around. COME ON NOWW

  2. hey tea, just commenting because one time when i was at my lowest like a year ago i sent you an agony aunt message worried about being a fat virgin with what i thought were saggy tits and it was a really self depreciating and niavely worried message to you, after just being myself and getting on with my studies at art school this guy who is basically my dream guy asked me out and now we've been going out for a while and have great sex and i just thought all the insecure teenagers like me should just learn to be hopeful and know that life takes you on so many unexpected journeys. thanks for helping me when times were rough x