Thursday, June 26, 2014


We've all been there: you can't get someone out of your head so you let someone else into your bed with some warm bread and y'all play dead and while giving head? IDK what the kids are doing these days but I do know that SEXERCISM is a common practice, especially during men's fashion week. Check it out in my WOVO series below!

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Neglecting a blog is kind of like leaving a boyfriend. 

You're full of heartbreak and regret. You're losing your sense of self and purpose. You should just forget, yet there he is, taunting you on your bookmarks. I miss posting on here daily but not doing so has helped me be able to do other stuff, like write a book nobody will publish, get my roots done every three weeks and create a show for Bullett TV!

The first episode is with Petra Collins and it's super awkward.

I'll post the rest of the episodes here, too, so I hope the three of y'all that still follow me here appreciate it, since writing this post brought up some gnarly Post-Traumatic-Blogging-Disorder.

PS: I'm also werqing on a new video series for WOVO, check that out here: