Sunday, June 22, 2014


Neglecting a blog is kind of like leaving a boyfriend. 

You're full of heartbreak and regret. You're losing your sense of self and purpose. You should just forget, yet there he is, taunting you on your bookmarks. I miss posting on here daily but not doing so has helped me be able to do other stuff, like write a book nobody will publish, get my roots done every three weeks and create a show for Bullett TV!

The first episode is with Petra Collins and it's super awkward.

I'll post the rest of the episodes here, too, so I hope the three of y'all that still follow me here appreciate it, since writing this post brought up some gnarly Post-Traumatic-Blogging-Disorder.

PS: I'm also werqing on a new video series for WOVO, check that out here:


  1. Tea, life is REALLY weird, because I never eff around on my computer on Sunday (I normally video game only), but here I am. And I just FELT compelled by the Internet (no bookmarks, no reminders) to check your blog. Here it is. You POST the same day check. I guess we are mentally connected and I'm one of your three. That's like being in the favorites section of your phone, and that's enough for me.