Thursday, September 18, 2014


Hey y'all! Does your grandma know about Youtube? I'm kidding, of course I'm subscribed to her channel! Hemorrhoid Cream Dream Cake is one of my faves! Anyway, my boss didn't know that Vimeo  is a dead site created for ball-breaking-video-makers who hate the concept of views. That's where Bullett TV was hosting my stuff for months while I silently cried on the inside (JK, I do all my crying loudly and publicly). After arguing and fighting and eventually winning my battle ~of the sexes~ I was able to create our first Youtube Channel *applause* so now you've got to subscribe so I can prove to my boss that we Did The Right Thing. Watch the latest Everything is Embarrassing episodes (and re-watch them and re-re-watch them) as well as some new Fashion WEAK interviews!! 

How are y'all doing? On a scale from one to the Backstreet Boys how much do you miss me?

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