Saturday, March 7, 2015

O-mg P-lease U-rgent L-et E-veryone N-otice C-elebrate E-mergency

Over a year ago, I stopped writing this blog regularly because:

1) I wanted to write a book and feared that any superfluous writing would keep my creative juices from being concentrated into the pages of my masterpiece 

2) I wanted to concentrate all other time on finding paid writing work like magazine cover stories, sleazy advertorials and games on the backs of cereal boxes

3) I had moved from Milan to America, with a new boyfriend, lifestyle and identity crisis!!! 

Since then, I have interviewed famous people I don't care about, fed rats who raided my apartment and made friends who moved away. I kinda finished my book and wrote a killer proposal which nobody wanted to publish. And I missed this freaking blog!

I was in Milan again last week where I met up with Aldo Lanzini, a professor, mentor and friend of mine. He's the only reason I ever graduated college without getting in a fist fight and he's also been a great inspiration in a way people who are spiritual would describe as 'spiritual'. When we caught up over espresso, he was like, 'what the hell is up with you not doing stuff for yourself anymore' and I was like, *shrugs*

Hopefully one day I'll have a job which allows me to be creative and afford to buy new clothes without asking for my husband's credit card but until then, writing posts here pays almost as much as writing for a magazine does (next to nothing) and it's hell of a lot more fun. I don't care if nobody reads this or comments (I do I do I do so much) I get to go back to my favorite subject: ME !!!

I'm back bitches!! *spits into air* *catches it in mouth* 


  1. Welcome back - it's been too long

  2. Yayayayyyyyyyyyy love u tea

  3. OMG YES. I needed you girl.

    (Also if you self-publish that's no longer a shameful sad-puppy thing to do and I will buy 2 copies thx.)

  4. this is the best blog post I've read since... the last sugar tits post. I LOVE YOU thank you for coming back to me ;')