Tuesday, June 30, 2015

JUST THE TIP/ Just The Trailer

Hey y'all!!! 

I know three  many of you are desperately missing the extremely short-lived web series I began, called "Sugar and Tits" and I understand why, because it was brilliant and destined for greatness. HOWEVER, something HAPPENED right when I was setting up the lights for my fourth episode...I got a call from a producer in LA asking begging me to make my own TV show!!! Dream come true, right? ESPECIALLY considering that I didn't have sex with ANYBODY in order to get this call! (I didn't even get a boob job, despite the wishes of my mother-in-law). Anywhoo, a couple months ago I flew to Los Angeles, did some funny scenes on a blow up couch, in a blow up pool and with people on too much blow....and voila! I've got a TV show! Below you can see the trailer and stay tuned for more clips to come :)

PS: I'm shooting the rest of season one late July so if you or anyone else wanna stop by my set to sing a song or tell some jokes, drop me a line at: teahacic@gmail.com

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